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  • The traditional Norway Spruce is a firm favourite in the UK due to its beautiful conical shape and distinctive  “Christmas tree” smell. It is especially popular as an outdoor Christmas tree and makes an ideal focal point due to its commanding height and bushy shape.

    Norway Spruce foliage is dense and spiky with a vibrant green colour. The needles can be quite sharp so care is recommended when manoeuvring your tree into position and decorating.

    Norway Spruce can loose its needles once the tree starts to dry out, hence it is very important to keep it properly watered and positioned away from direct heat sources (e.g. radiator) to ensure the best needle retention.

    All of our Norway Spruce trees are grown by us in the Scottish Borders. A 6ft tree takes 5-6 years to grow and during this time we constantly monitor their health to ensure that they are of the highest quality.


    All real trees are perishable items.


    Please remember when ordering your Christmas tree that tree heights are approximate and are measured from the bottom of the trunk to the very top of the leader, the long branch where the fairy or star goes.



    See delivery zones image for selecting local delivery options. Your items will be delivered within three days of your order, deliveries are Monday - Friday. 

    First delivery date is Monday 29th November 2021. If you require earlier delivery please contact us. Similarly if you have a date in mind for delivery leave us a note on the basket page.

    If you will not be at home to take delivery please leave us a note on the confirmation page to let us know where to leave your items.


    From the highs of Christmas to the lows of January, nothing screams ‘back to work’ more than a Christmas tree left to wither in the back garden. We will collect your tree from outside your house and take it away for recycling. Your tree will be chipped and used as a mulch for landscaping in the Scottish Borders.

    Collections are Monday 6th - Wednesday 8th January 2022. 
    Please leave your tree in your front garden or on the road side and we will collect - you do not need to be at home.